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Camera Angles

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“Everything we do is going to convey a message.”
– Alfonso Cuaron, Director of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The camera is an extremely important part of the filmmaking process. Every camera angle is used to help tell the story on screen. Below is an explanation of different camera angles and shots that were used in the Harry Potter films.

An establishing shot is normally used at the beginning of a scene, it helps the audience to understand where a scene is being set.

Hogwarts castle establishing shot

A long shot can be used to show an interaction between characters, costumes or the setting that surrounds a character.

Weasley Kitchen long shot

A mid shot can show us more specific details about a character. This shot typically shows a character’s torso and some background scenery.

Slughorn in Potions classroom mid shot

A close up shot allows the audience to get close to the character and see their facial expressions. It’s also used to highlight the importance of a prop.

Close up of Monster Book close up shot

An extreme close up is used to convey an emotion or something of significance.

H stamped on Hogwarts Letter extreme close up

An over the shoulder shot is usually used during conversations so that we can see who is talking and the reaction of the other person, creating a sense of intimacy.

Over shoulder shot of Snape looking at Voldemort

Now, we’re inviting you to get creative at home and create your own storyboard!

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