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Return to Azkaban

Divination, Destiny and Dark Magic

1st May – 4th September 2024

Join us in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with a brand new feature for 2024. Discover new filmmaking secrets and explore fan-favourite sets, built by the original filmmakers and available at the Studio Tour for the very first time!

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Before stepping foot in the Great Hall, decorated with over 100 floating candles and the Hogwarts Frog Choir, remember to collect your activity passport to take part in our Find Scabbers trail, new for Return to Azkaban.

Place the map found in the centre of your activity passport on all four projection stations shown and watch the footsteps appear to reveal the letters that spell out Scabbers’ location. Once you reach the end of the Studio Tour, hold your map under the light in the wand room to complete the trail and find out where Scabbers has been hiding.

Return to Azkaban Activity Passport

Discover Spellbinding Sets

During the special feature, you are invited to broaden your mind and cast yourself into the future as we showcase the noble art of divination. For the first time ever, the Divination classroom set will be on display at the Studio Tour, as seen when Harry, Ron and Hermione attend their first lesson with Professor Trelawney, allowing you to discover the details up close. Make sure to look out for the original Grim teacup!


During filmmaking, sets are often adapted to form new backdrops for different scenes. Following a few architectural changes, the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom set was transformed to become the Divination classroom. With a few adaptations, including the addition of foam beams, it was possible to give the space a whole new look on screen. When designing the look and feel of the set, filmmakers started with the idea of a traditional tea shop, with students sitting in pairs at round tables surrounded by mismatched teacups stacked high around the set. From there, the room was draped in rich red fabric and decorated with jewel-toned velvet pouffes, numerous patterned rugs and Arabian-style lanterns, creating a classroom in which eccentric Professor Trelawney would feel at home.

A new section of the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom can also be found at the Studio Tour during our Return to Azkaban Feature, complete with the Boggart wardrobe.

Divination and Defence Against the Dark Arts classrooms at the Studio Tour

Uncover Wonders from the Wizarding World

Fans will also be able to discover the interior of the Knight Bus up-close and in action, as a full cross-section of the set has been constructed by the original filmmakers using authentic techniques. Experience the set rattling, chandelier swaying, beds moving and London’s city streets zooming past, just as Harry did during his journey to the Leaky Cauldron where he first encountered The Monster Book of Monsters.

The original Leaky Cauldron bed, used during filming, will also be displayed at the Studio Tour. Fans will witness The Monster Book of Monsters go on a rampage in Harry’s room and will be able to learn about the mechanics that brought the infamous book to life on screen.

The Monster Book of Monsters and the Knight Bus

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Go behind-the-scenes and experience a magical day out. Tickets must be pre-booked and all extra features are included in the ticket price.