Hero Flourish

Entry Requirements


Only tickets purchased directly from us or one of our authorised distributors are valid for admission. Tickets purchased from unauthorised third parties, including online auction sites, are not valid for entry.

Tickets remain our property at all times. We reserve the right to require the immediate return of the Tickets at any time and to refuse entry to, or eject from the Studio Tour, any person who fails to comply with these terms.

Prohibited Items

For the safety of the public and the protection of the tour, visitors may be subjected to a bag and/or personal search on entry. Please note, photography is not permitted in this area.

Certain items are prohibited from entering the tour including knives and bladed weapons, alcohol or illegal drugs, CS / pepper spray or anything which could be considered a security risk. Items found will be confiscated and illegal items will not be returned. We work in conjunction with the police to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Please do not bring these items with you. Suitcases and large bags will be subject to our baggage scanners. For further information click here.

If you have any concerns please speak to a member of staff.


有打算前往 Warner Bros. Studio Tour London 觀賞?

只有直接從我們的網站 wbstudiotour.co.uk 或向我們授權的經銷商購買的門票才是有效的門票. 自未獲授權的第三方購買的門票無效,將致使入場遭拒.

我們期待您的 Studio Tour 之旅.


计划前来 Warner Bros. Studio Tour London 吗?

只有只有直接从我们的 wbstudiotour.co.uk 官方网站或我们授权的分销商买到的入场券才是可用的. 向任何未获授权的第三方购买的入场券将是无效的,并会被拒绝入场.

期待您来到我们的 Studio Tour.