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Diagon Alley


The iconic Diagon Alley set constantly changed throughout the film series. Since its construction, walls have shifted, shop fronts have moved and entire buildings have been carefully tweaked, leaning just slightly, to create the street that is seen in the films. Many of the Diagon Alley set pieces were also re-dressed for use in the village of Hogsmeade for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Visitors to the Studio Tour will be able to stroll along the wizarding shopping street, stopping to admire the beautifully crafted props in the shop windows.

After viewing the cauldrons on offer at Potage’s, visitors can discover up close the Broomsticks at Quality Quidditch Supplies, Hogwarts robes at Madame Malkin’s and even the baby Pygmy Puffs at Magical Menagerie.

In the three-storey explosion of orange in a deserted Diagon Alley, the Weasley twins sold everything from Extendable Ears to fireworks in the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop. The 120 individually designed products reflected Fred and George’s mischievous sense of humour. Designed to look like an 18th century shop, the Weasleys’ storefront took more than three months to build — and much of that time was spent constructing the 20- foot mannequin above the main entrance.

Visitors will also see the piles of dusty wand boxes housed inside Ollivanders wand shop, where Harry’s wand famously chose him. During filming, the shop was home to more than 17,000 wand boxes, each individually labelled.

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