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Movie Makeup

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The starting point for any department on a film, including the Makeup Department, is the script. The Head of Department will read the script, finding descriptions of characters, and work out what makeup will be needed to achieve the look described.

Fake teeth make up

Did you know?

Harry’s lightning scar had its own stencil, to ensure that it looked exactly the same in every shot.

Make up Harry's scar

On the Harry Potter film set, movie makeup was not confined to human actors: Argus Filch’s cat, Mrs Norris, had a prosthetic replica made when she was petrified by the Basilisk. Her dummy had colour-matched hair and eyelashes which were hand-punched into the artificial skin!

Discover how Makeup Effects and Prosthetics Makeup Artists worked to art finish the Gringotts goblins:

Download our activity sheet to create your own character and design their movie makeup. Remember that this includes everything on their face – scars, eye colour, freckles etc. Their makeup will help the audience understand the character and the story.

Download the activity sheet (PDF)
Movie Makeup Activity Sheet thumbnail
Movie Makeup Activity Sheet thumbnail